Bumbling into my first blog post of 30 Days Wild

The tale of the soporific bumblebee and the sugar water…


#30DaysWild #Day1 

Today arriving at work I popped my head in the polytunnel used for surplus plant sales at the council nurseries only to find a soporific bumblebee on a pelargonium leaf. 

20170601_094752Leaping straight into action I went into the office, prepared a teaspoonful of sugar water and attempted to persuade the dozing bee to imbibe. It was a pretty hefty one too, Bombus terrestris or Bombus hortorum perhaps? Anyway, whether it took up some sucrose or merely  rallied as the sun had come out and begun to warm the polytunnel, the creature found its buzz again. In moments it was taking off and bumbling from bloom to bloom, soon climbing bodily into fuschia flower for a lengthy drink of nectar. It very nearly collided with the phone on which I was was recording the moment!