Staying Wild

How did everyone get on with #30DaysWild last month? I must confess to being a bit erratic with it this year – erratic with posting stuff at least. I find the challenge was not so much finding the daily wild moments (and this in itself is a huge measure of the scheme’s success, is it not?)….

Breezy Knees Bingo

A visit to this reknowned local garden and plant nursery is real treat…and a spotting challenge helps to keep a seven year old gamefully occupied…

East of Eden

Embarking on a National Plant Monitoring Survey square close to Eden Camp, Malton.

Twitter Hats

Originally posted on Connecting for Nature:
Well the New Year is firmly underway now and I’ve been conscious for a while that I ought to have a bit of a health-check of my social media activities for the Connecting for Nature  biodiversity partnership. This became possible thanks to a generous offer from Scarborough-based Zebra Consulting to offer a fresh perspective and…

Turtle-y Brilliant

The one about the new Turtle Dove conservation project in North Yorkshire