About this blog

Welcome! This is my first attempt to blog my way through the Wildlife Trusts’ now annual nature-thon known as #30DaysWild, to bring little moments of ‘wild’ into our lives throughout June. The blog may need a bit of polishing around the edges as I should have set this up weeks ago, not on the bus on my phone after work on Day 1 of the challenge. However, the content will hopefully speak for itself.

I don’t have a plan. I didn’t download the lovely 30DaysWild wall-planner and map out all my challenges and encounters with nature. I haven’t installed the 30DaysWild App on my device for daily inspiration. (All of which sound eminently sensible and fun ways to engage with the challenge.) As in previous years that I have done #30dayswild, two or three I can’t quite remember, I just go with chance opportunities through my working week and free time, but trying to be more mindful of noticing nature around me and crucially to share it. It might be tricky keeping it going for a whole month, but let’s just see how it goes…

You can also find me lurking in various social media habitats, including accounts for groups I’m associated with in my personal and professional life. This blog ‘a little bit of wild’, while it naturally will feature aspects of what I do in my work life, is just me without any organizational hat on, so you can expect it to be chatty, informal, sometimes quirky, maybe edging on poetic, but always sincere. For those who are curious, you can find my words and pictures posted on:

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