About this blog

This blog began life in 2017 on Day 1 of the first ever #30DaysWild challenge, established by The Wildlife Trusts Partnership to inspire people to bring little moments of ‘wild’ into their daily life. ’30 Days Wild’ has taken place in the month of June every year since. However, for me it represented my first personal blog and an attempt to blog every day that first month. I set up the blog in a bit of a hurry, on the bus home from work, on my smartphone.

I didn’t have a plan, as such, when I began. Instead I chose to trust nature to inspire me. I just looked for chance opportunities through my working week and free time, trying to be more mindful of noticing nature around me and crucially to share it. It was tricky keeping it going for a whole month, but seemed to work and once started that’s the hardest part over. The blog is more occasional now, but still active.

You can also find me in various social media habitats, associated with in my personal and professional life. This blog, ‘a little bit of wild’ does feature aspects of what I do in my work life, but represents my own views, not those in my professional capacity. You can expect it to be chatty, informal, sometimes quirky, maybe edging on poetic, but always sincere.

For those who are curious and use other social media channels you can also find my words and pictures posted on:

Twitter @Tim_Burkinshaw / @CFNature / @SBIB_bloom

Instagram @timburkinshaw / @connectingfornature / @stamfordbridgebloom 

Facebook Stamford Bridge in Bloom Facebook group / Connecting for NatureFacebook group  / Carrs Wetland Project page  (A conservation project I used to manage and my first WordPress site.)

Also should you wish to get a little more acquainted you can see my linked in profile here

Tim Burkinshaw