Sir David and Instagram

Sir David Attenborough, natural history legend is now an Instagram record-breaker, as the fastest account to surpass 1m followers.

I discovered yesterday that Sir David Attenborough, with help of his team, has joined the Instagram world at the age of 94. That to me is so cool in itself – he is such a hero to me. What is totally amazing and made the headlines was that he had garnered 2.5m followers within a day of launching the account on Thursday. But wait, there’s more. Sir David’s became the fastest ever Instagram account to surpass the million followers milestone, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records, in just four hours and forty four minutes…

The veteran presenter and broadcaster is now at 4.5m Instagram followers four days and five posts later. His first was a video-post that he recorded especially for Instagram. Superlatives fail me and I think that these numbers have something important to tell us. It shows how many people idolize Sir David; how many people hang on his every word and how many of us agree with his message to the world.

Apparently his motive was to better communicate the power of individual action in facing the challenges ahead for our planet, for its climate and for its biodiversity. The task ahead is certainly monumental, but his simple message is that we all have a part to play; that we can rise to the challenge through the sum of our individual actions and, most of all, that we must.

From my own perspective I feel that if the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s that, when our lives depend on it, astonishing measures on a global scale are possible. But here’s the thing: Our lives do depend on it, as well as those of our children and those of our fellow creatures.

Sir David Attenborough has put out to the world a call to action… and we must heed it. His forthcoming documentary series ‘A Life On Our Planet’ will be required watching.

David Attenborough’s Instagram Account

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