Breezy Knees Bingo

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On a weekend whim, we paid a visit on Sunday afternoon to a local garden open to the public which is really a dazzling riot of colour and buzzing with insect life at this time of year. Breezy Knees Gardens, near Warthill was set up from scratch on former arable fields and the owners run a plant nursery specialising in unusual perennials. The gardens, which are more extensive than they first appear, are also used to showcase the plants they stock, with fantastic displays of herbaceous perennials, in garden areas divided by tall hedges of flowering shrubs into separate themed compartments. It also has a tea room serving nice cakes and coffees, which one obviously has to sample too…

It was nice to enjoy a stroll around the gardens and capture some of the striking colour and texture combinations in a few hastily grabbed photographs. I’m sure it doesn’t do justice to the full garden experience, but then I guess you will have to visit yourself to achieve that anyway. It’s really a summer garden, open from May-September, I believe, so if you plan to check it out then put a date in your diary and allow a good few hours for your visit.

Due to having been before without a seven-year-old in tow, we were able to concoct a sort of Breezy Knees Bingo, based on a list of unusual items to look out for on the way round. This included such mysteries as the giant wellies, a fountain, a red seat, a rocket, a secret path, a gnome and a fairy door, an arch, a butterfly-shaped bush and a circle of white trees.

I must confess that I didn’t have this blog post title in mind when I was taking pictures, so none of the Bingo items actually features in my Breezy Knees gallery, but maybe that just lends an air of mystery and anticipation for when you visit yourself!

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