Flowers between Showers.

30 Days Wild Day 2

It is safe to describe today as warm and wet. The rain didn’t stop us from venturing out to Castle Howard though, to watch an open-air theatre performance in the magnificent walled garden.  Thankfully the show was performed beneath a large canvas canopy, with the audience seated on rugs or camping chairs. The sides of the tent were open, mounted on rustic wooden poles. The blackbirds and thrushes sang sweetly in the background as we enjoyed a show based upon the life of Beatrix Potter, told through music, acting and singing by a company of four performers.

Returning after taking the camping chairs back to the car I was struck by the beautiful patterns made by raindrops glistening on still-wet leaves and flowers in the long border at the garden entrance. With my phone always at the ready, I grabbed a few quick snaps of rain-embellished roses, heucheras and alliums  as well as some leaves sporting droplets of water from the recent rain shower.

It worried me this morning, when I woke to heavy rainstorms, that it would prove difficult to find suitable matter for 30 Days Wild on such a day, or at least to obtain photographs in wet weather. I needn’t have been concerned. As it turned out, nature provided a show of its own, and an interval between showers in which to admire it and capture it on camera. I hope you like the pictures.

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