Eye-Popping Poppies

#30DaysWild Day 1

I saw these ornamental poppies on my way back from dropping the boy off at holiday club. I think these used to be called opium poppies. No matter what one calls them, they were just in their prime, though a couple had already shed petals and anthers, to form green seed pods and some were still in bud, but close up I thought they looked pretty cool, so I stopped to take a few snaps with my phone.

It’s always my phone by the way, and it doesn’t always handle macro shots so well – it is a bit of trial and error so I sometimes have to take a few and discard the blurry ones. I’m sure Instagram can do wonders with them though, with or without filters.

We have a similar type of poppy in the garden, a purple flowered variety called Patty’s Plum which my wife tells me she very much likes. Hopefully we can propagate it to make more plants, though being an ornamental variety it might be sterile or not grow true from seed, so dividing it might be one solution, or possibly, I have a feeling that these poppies might propagate from root cuttings. I’ll have to do some research.

Anyway in the meantime enjoy the poppy pics. If you prefer the wild, native Common Poppy in its natural setting, on the edge of cornfields, I have some pics from my archive that I took last year…

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