Countdown to 30 Days Wild

IMG_1272.jpgI got my #30DaysWild pack in the post this weekend from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. This is the annual challenge laid down by The Wildlife Trusts (UK) to engage with nature and the outdoors in some small way every day, throughout June. Of course June is a perfect month for this. The days are long, the weather often warm and clement, tempting us outside and wildlife is conspicuous everywhere, even the most urban setting. Sometimes you have to ‘practice’ noticing it, and #30DaysWild can help.


Your daily acts of communion with nature need not be complex or onerous, but ideally just thoughtfully interlaced in your everyday routines. Not convinced? Let me give some examples:

  • Can you eat your lunch outside? Sit under tree to read your messages?
  • Can you follow a bee (or ant or beetle) for five minutes and see where it goes?
  • Can you notice plants growing through cracks in the pavement or take a different route to work or school to discover a new place?
  • What about an evening stroll around your neighbourhood looking out for birds nesting in buildings or at dusk to look for bats?
  • Take a different view of the world – look closely for patterns and textures on leaves, trees and walls; get out a magnifier and inspect the next insect you encounter.

There is loads of inspiration on the websites of the wildlife trusts along with downloadable resources to help you get going. Many people, since 30 Days Wild first launched a few years ago, have enjoyed sharing their little wild moments on social media and it gives a bit of motivation if you ‘go public’ with your challenge. Also social media will give you literally dozens of great ideas when you see what others are doing. (I particularly like the visually appealing ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ cards produced for the challenge last year.)

Last year, to my surprise, I managed a blog post practically every day in June. You can see a summary of my efforts in Life after 30dayswild. I may be a little less ambitious with the blog this time but will certainly update my little moments in nature on Instagram and maybe do a round-up blog every few days. I’ll be interested to hear what other #30dayswild bloggers are planning.
Will you sign up? Can you manage a few minutes of nature, a daily ‘random act of wildness’ throughout June? Let me know if you are tempted to try it – blogging is not a requirement, by any means though many people find social media a great way to share their little wild moments and the now well-established #30DaysWild hashtag is  effective on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and once the month of June starts will be trending I hope. It’s not too late to sign up and get your free #30DaysWild resources. Why not do it now? Sign me up for 30 Days Wild. Good luck and most of all enjoy it!

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