Life after #30dayswild

IMG_0359So June has come to an end and with it this year’s challenge to find a little moment of wild each day for a month, but this is not the end for me or this blog.

Practising a sort of conscious and more deliberate connection with the natural world around me has become a habit. A sort of willful quest to find everyday wildness if you like. It may not be possible to sustain the blogging on a daily basis – that certainly has been a challenge, but an enjoyable one. However I hope to keep this blog going with regular posts and updates, just a bit less intensively that is all.

I would say that crafting the posts has been a good learning process and developed my skills in writing and communicating about nature, so it has been beneficial on that score alone, regardless of how few or how many people I have reached with my #30dayswild evangelism. But blogging every day has felt like some of my good stuff has so quickly been displaced and pushed into the past, when a lot of it, not all I’d admit, deserved promoting and sharing a bit more via social media, twitter especially, if I was not hurrying to move on to the next installment.

So this feels like a good point at which to look back on my month-long challenge and remind myself of the blog posts that perhaps escaped attention as well as those that have received some views.

Day 1  Bumbling into my first blog post of #30DaysWild a story about a bumble bee rescue.

Day 2 Doing the Doodlebug finding a Cockchafer beetle outside school. I really liked this one, a nice little tale.

Day 3  Swallows at the Swim Pool about unexpectedly finding a nest with young swallows in.

Day 4 Things are looking up a day out at Newby Hall, taking photos from a different angle. Indulging my photographer’s eye for the unusual.

Day 5 Ramsons, raindrops and ripples a rainy day walk up Peasholm Glen, seeing surprising beauty in the midst of Scarborough.

Day 6 A cordial invitation deciding to make elderflower cordial, somewhat on a whim.

Day 7 Mid-week blues blue flowers in the churchyard.

Day 8 Stormy weather capturing a strange mood on General Election day.

Day 9 Buzz Stop blitz an impromptu spot of guerilla gardening in the village.

Day 10 Mite-y mollusc and masses of mint a close look at a garden snail with mystery mites on it.

Day 11 Summer Fair running a stall at the summer fair for Stamford Bridge in Bloom.

Day 12 Bramble is the Bees Knees a nest of tree bees and a bonanza of bramble flowers.

Day 13 Hogweeds good and bad about the merits of common hogweed and the hazards of giant hogweed.

Day 14 Textures, details and street greens One of my favourite posts, this, about my latest and rather niche Instagram tendencies…

Day 15 Happy skies Cloud spotting while waiting for a bus…

Day 16 Down in the meadow A morning event about scything for grassland conservation sites in York.

Day 17 Hush Hush, Song Thrush About encountering a newly fledged Thrush in the garden.

Day 18 Lower Derwent Valley A visit to Wheldrake Ings Nature Reserve.

Day 19 Counting down to the orchid count Making preparations for a botanical survey on the coast

Day 20 Bus stop birding about a little patch of nature in Malton bus station.

Day 21 Solstice Strawberries Coffee break in the garden and a first picking of wild strawberries.

Day 22 A Swift Update A story about the joy of discovering nesting Swifts in Scarborough.

Day 23 Hunting for Corn Bunting Evening bike ride from Stamford Bridge to track down a bird with which I have a special relationship.

Day 24 Getting the right mix…in my compost heap!

Day 25 Traffic Tripits A bird survey at Dalby Forest.

Day 26 Beach Huts and Pyramids Counting pyramidal orchids on North Bay cliffs, Scarborough.

Day 27 Reflecting on #30DaysWild Looking back at my reflections on last year’s #30DaysWild

Day 28 Turtle-y Brilliant A really special one….sharing my excitement at being involved in a new conservation project to help Turtle Doves in North Yorkshire.

Day 29 Twitter Hats A re-blog of one of my earlier musings on multiple social media personalities!


Looking back over my month of blogging, there has been a good bit of diversity in the topics I covered and I have enjoyed sharing my nature experiences. I hope they bring some insight and enjoyment to others, so please do let me know if you have appreciated any of the #30DaysWild blogs. It would be great to know.

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