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This post first appeared in Feb ’17 on the Connecting for Nature blog, musing on social media identities and the personalities we project across different channels and accounts. It should resonate with anyone who runs both a personal and a business social media account or anyone who posts on behalf of a company, brand or project etc.

I’v re-blogged it as my contribution for #30DaysWild, day 29, because it deserves a second airing.



Connecting for Nature

Well the New Year is firmly underway now and I’ve been conscious for a while that I ought to have a bit of a health-check of my social media activities for the Connecting for Nature  biodiversity partnership. This became possible thanks to a generous offer from Scarborough-based Zebra Consulting to offer a fresh perspective and a listening ear. Zebra owner Rachel Sutcliffe helped deliver our Connecting For Nature Social Media Workshop last February, which featured on this blog a year ago.

5 Connecting for Nature:one of my online personas is @CFNature

Subsequent to this free ‘Social MOT’ as one might call it, I’ve been taking stock of my various social media outputs with a sense that I might be better organized this year. This blog post is the first of several, possibly three, (and can you sense how organized I am now?) that will explore some themes of my Social MOT….this first one is about our online personas…

Part 1 –…

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