Solstice strawberries

30 Days Wild day 21

Was a rare treat to have morning coffee together outside in the garden today, as both my wife and I were working from home this morning. We enjoyed it in our favourite his and hers bird mugs, purchased on our tenth wedding anniversary last year.

The wild strawberries which I let spread freely as a ground cover in one of the borders are just beginning to ripen, so took our first taste. Birds were singing, tiny black beetles, flower beetles I think, were flocking to a brightly coloured tablecloth on the washing line (and when I looked, remembering previous summers, they were also present in flower heads of the Astrantias at the side of the house.)

I even padded barefoot across the lawn while enjoying my coffee and got down low to appreciate the tiny Eyebright flowers popping up in the lawn. Doing so I came across a recently deceased Bumblebee, on the grass and inspected its delicate black shiny body.

Of course coffee breaks don’t last for ever and sooner or later one has to carry on with one’s day, but it was a blissful few minutes spent enjoying the garden.

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