Counting down to the orchid count

The one about the imminent orchid survey opportunity…


Next Monday and Tuesday I will be helping out with a count of orchid flower spikes on a coastal slope above North Bay Scarborough. Yesterday I helped our officianado of orchids to mark out the eighty-nine transects which have been counted every year since the mid nineties. This involved marking with twine the top fence, to coincide with the numbered marks painted on the fence posts at the lower side of the slope.

You can read a previous #30dayswild post on this blog with more about the survey, when I did recce. Also, last year I wrote up about our count in a blog post for Connecting forNature, our local biodiversity partnership. You can find that here:

Also, you are not too late to join in, if you are free next Monday 26th or Tues 27th June, please see here for details:


Author: Tim Burkinshaw

I work in ecology and biodiversity in North Yorkshire. I'm often found outdoors snapping nature and landscapes or spotting birds. Always aspiring to be a better naturalist, but I have a particular thing for wetlands. As a gardener I enjoy having my hands in the earth, and getting the perfect mix of greens and browns in my compost! As a Daddy I'm somewhere between pretty good and awesome. On a good day. If you spot me and my hat in real life or on social media do say hello!

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