Bus stop birding

#30DaysWild Day 20

On Tuesdays at the moment I get a lift to Malton and catch my Coastliner bus there  to Scarborough where I work. The bus offers a great service as I can patch in to their free wifi and do some work (or lately write my 30 days wild blog).

The lift with Don, who does a similar role to mine but for Ryedale District gives me a chance to chat about common issues around our roles in Planning Ecology so it is quite a valuable 20 mins. This particular morning I had five minutes to wait at Malton bus station and sat by the little bird feeding station and wildflower area they have established there. I’ve seen this from the top deck of the bus as it waits for a few mins on the opposite stand, but don’t have the full auditory experience,  so today as I availed myself of the bench right next to the feeding station, the chirruping House Sparrows were noticeable right away. Presently I saw a female on the low wall feeding two recently fledged chicks. Their tails were still not fully grown. Another House Sparrow tugged at a stringy strand of bark and laboured flying across the concourse with it. Not sure where they nest but plenty of traditional pantied roves around this part of the town.

Two Swallows drew attention to themselves alarm calling in the open depot doorway, evidently nesting somewhere inside its cavernous space. A blackbird also came to feed on a fat ball on the bird table.  My bus pulled in and after a few quickly grabbed shots of the cornflowers in the tiny patch of ground I gathered my things to leave.

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