Happy skies

#30DaysWild Day 15

There is something profoundly calming and happy about blue skies and white clouds. Coming home from work on Thursday, I had cause to wait for my bus at Seamer roundabout and had a few minutes to appreciate the cloud formations and play of light on them in the sky. There were House Martins feeding over the adjacent gardens and I reflected that they have been rather harder to find this year than I remember. The BTO is running a HouseMartin colony survey for a second consecutive year due to concerns about their status and to answer questions about the nature and causes of their decline. Once on the bus I logged the house Martin sightings on the Birdtrack app, which is how I record all my bird sightings each year and contribute to ornithological research in the process. Read more about Birdtrack app here.

The skies from the bus were dramatic too over The Carrs. (Read loads more about this landscape over on The Carrs Wetland Project site.) Later at home after putting the little one to bed, I was treated to a fleeting view of a double rainbow over the opposite rooftops and a golden glow of the last rays of evening sunshine.

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