Textures, details and street greens

#30DaysWild day 14

Now, confession time. I have developed a little obsession. It’s been coming on for a few months, but grown noticeably in the last week. Some of you may already be aware, you may even have whetted your own appetite.

What I’m talking about is Instagram. No, that’s not the obsession; specifically that niche group of photographers who hunt out close-up details of mundane everyday things around them, especially if they involve rust, peeling paint or tenacious plants growing in unlikely urban settings.

Have a glance at my Instagram feed linked with this blog and you will get a taste. If you have an Instagram account of your own then try searching tags like #rustlord, #primepeel, #street_greens or the one that started me on my quest, #plantsofbabylon. If you get hooked too, just don’t come to me for your money back.

If you like what you see then please by all means follow my modest contributions to the genre on Instagram. I’m @timburkinshaw on Instagram.



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  1. “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius

    I love taking the time to notice the little bits of nature or art in things we so often pass by! Great post

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  2. I can so relate! I like to take similar types of pictures and I notice details. I love looking for signs of life in unexpected places.

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  3. And I admire all those tenacious plants thriving in the cracks of walls and pavements. Such vital power!

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    1. I’ m now on the lookout for #street_greens wherever I go!

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