Mite-y mollusc and masses of mint

#30dayswild Day10
Coming back up from the village Post Office on Saturday my keen eyed six year old called me back to witness a large snail on a wall. It was a Garden Snail, active in broad daylight, which is unusual as they generally prefer the damp cool air of the night, but it was a showery day so quite humid.

Looking closer and while taking some pictures on my phone I spotted some tiny white mites swarming over it. Weird. Never seen that before. Any ideas what they are? They were on the snail’s body and foot, not the shell. Alas they don’t show up on the photographs, but I took a short video which I’ll share on twitter (@carrswetland) to see if any experts can help.¬†Meantime has anyone else witnessed this?

Continuing our walk home I took a few quick shots at the community herb garden ¬†on Church Corner, noting firstly that the little sign inviting passers by to help themselves needs replacing and secondly that there is masses of mint of several varieties Including a striking varied gated one, which I thought looked very Instagram worthy for the @stamfordbridgebloom feed. I have some catching up to do…

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