Buzz Stop blitz

#30DaysWild #Day9

I took some pics for Day 9 of 30 Days Wild but then didn’t quite make it to writing the post….so here is a brief catch up one for Friday.

In Stamford Bridge, we have a number of projects, some larger and some smaller, which were the brainchild of Stamford Bridge in Bloom, a conservation and horticulture-minded community group. One of these is a ‘Buzz Stop’ flower bed to benefit bees and pollinators, near the main bus stop at the Old Station play area. It’s not looking quite as diversely flowered as I had envisaged, but it’s not had much TLC since first put in by young volunteers with donated perennials a year or two ago.

So when we dropped by after school on Friday, as many parents with children do for a play – and while I had a few minutes – I took it upon myself to tidy up the Buzz Stop corner. It has rather been taken over by some Ox-eye daisies, which are lovely, but were spilling out through the railings across the footway. It is only small, a few square metres but a prominent spot which used to be just mown grass, and an awkward corner for the East Riding streetscene folks to get their ride-on mower into.

Anyway, for this impromptu 30 Days Wild gardening, and with only the tools nature gave me, I pulled up the straggly daisies around the edge and ‘weeded’ around some of the other plants that were looking a bit ox-eyed so to speak. (There’s also Phlomis, Nepeta, Verbena, Pulmonaria, chives, wild strawberries in there, somewhat swamped by Leucanthemum – acting rather thuggishly here without the competition of meadow grasses.)

I took some hurried photos from different angles, and although a bit collapsed and straggly from the heavy rains it still looks a picture. There’s a close up of a ladybird larva too.  I then did a bit of hand weeding of the adjacent rose-bed, until we had to head for home, for tea and to get darling son ready for Beavers. The feeling of warm soil under my fingers is really therapeutic and I know that in the dark months of the winter, this is the sort of gardening that I miss – that contact and closeness to the earth and nature that is so re-balancing. If you have a garden you really should try hand weeding amongst your borders. It’s an under-appreciated therapy.

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