Mid-week blues

#30DaysWild #Day7


In my current work routine on Wednesdays I tend to work from home on the laptop. I enjoyed walking my son to the school as the weather prospects were much improved after torrents of rain overnight and we played I-spy (birds, green bush, blue sky etc. )

After dropping off at breakfast club on the primary school site, my walk back to the house took me past the churchyard where I paused to admire the vibrant blue geraniums planted by the gate. Being raised up from the road level it puts them at a convenient eye level to appreciate their delicate-looking-yet-tough qualities in the the blustery breeze.

A bee came for nectar right on cue as I took some close-ups of the flowers. As a perennial this is one of those plants my mother calls ‘a good-doer’. And being both showy and beneficial to pollinating insects is certainly a virtue worthy of their place at the church entrance-way.

Nearer home I passed the wildflower bank behind the old station and was delighted to see vivid blue Cornflowers out. Also there are purple poppies and mauve-pink corncockle, but they count as being blues too, right? Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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