A cordial invitation

#30DaysWild #Day6

Cycling past a hedgerow yesterday near Gate Helmsley I was literally stopped in my tracks by an elder bush in perfect state of flower, the creamy frothy heads of blossom were just at peak freshness. So I pulled up, turned the bike around to park up and rummaged for a bag to collect some in.

I knew I had a trusted cordial recipe at home in my Collins Gem ‘Food for Free’ book, and my recollection as that a batch last time I needed 20 perfectly opened fragrant elderflower heads.

These were put on to steep and the remaining ingredients assembled today added after a 24 hr steep. So tonight, late, I’ve finished off the batch, dissolved sugar and strained the flowers and lemon off to leave a golden syrupy pan-full. Tomorrow morning I shall bottle it.


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