Ramsons, raindrops and ripples

#30DaysWild #Day5

This morning I visited North Bay cliffs, Scarborough briefly to check on the progress of the grassland slope up above the beach huts, fondly known as the orchid terrace. This will hopefully be the subject of a blog later in the month, so I won’t give away too much now but I was checking to see if the bee orchids were coming into flower. (Not yet.)

It was showery so I chose to walk back up town through Peasholm Glen which is wooded and sheltered. It effectively is an extension of Peasholm Park. There is a stream which feeds the boating lake and the Victorians landscaped it and created small waterfalls and pathways.

In the wet weather the wild garlic leaves were glistening and it looked quite pretty and atmospheric. Just shows how sometimes things can look better in the rain.

The last picture is of the North Bay orchid slope and if you really cant wait to read more about it loo up my posts from last summer on http://www.connectingfornature.wordpress.com search about the survey count of orchid spikes.


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