Swallows at the swim pool

Day 3 of #30dayswild.

Our usual Saturday morning routine takes myself and the boy to a swim lesson at the community pool. Today when we arrived the pool was locked. (No doubt I’ve missed an email somewhere telling us it’s not on today.) Anyway while peering through the windows to see the covers still on I was almost divebombed by a swallow which swerved away deftly as it saw me.

Looing up for a nest I saw not one but two mud and grass cups of typical swallow construction beneath the overhang of the roof.

We moved a few feet away and quietly sat down in hope that the bird would return. Presently a swallow circled around and after a few minutes’ prevaricating it briefly swooped up to the closest nest.

It soon became clear there was a another adult bird in the nest, perhaps incubating?  We stayed for a little while watching the comings and goings of the swallows to both nests, a blackbird collecting worms on the grass and a pied wagtail catching flies on the school field nearby.

I took a few photos but the Swallows are fast and not the most obliging…At least I know of two nests to keep an eye on and report to BTO on my Birdtrack app 🙂

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